Avidness or a wish or a habit

Would we be happier if we knew that the avidness to smile endures all our pain..

Would we feel free if we knew that the wish to let it all go finally brings us peace..

Would we be calmer if we knew that breathing was a habit..

How would we feel if  we knew we could control all of them three ?



A friend or a foe

Pensive in thought, aren’t we all. It comes from a deep place inside, a place incomplete and shall always be.

Have we ever thought of not fighting them thoughts  but adopting them as part of our own. Thoughts however contradicting and melancholy but embraced nonetheless like happy ones.

Cause these very ones need our care and embrace . They are lonely  and grim perhaps been bounced off for several days or years and awaiting acceptance .

Shall we call them in  when they visit next time and welcome them.

Would we ever value happiness  if it weren’t  for them..